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Your tea drinking habit can be even greener

Have you ever wandered what to do with all of those old tea bags?  Well you don’t have to throw them away or let them dry up in that saucer on your kitchen counter – they can be re-used.

In this article, provides numerous ways that those old tea bags can be used including

1. As a cold or hot compress

You can use cold tea bags for tired eyes, bruises, sunburns, bug bites and more by applying it to the affected area – it helps heal it and provides soothing relief. A hot tea bag can help with pink eye, canker sores, and fever blisters. By placing it at the affected area, it can draw out the infection

2.  Making flavored rice

If you stick an old tea bag into the water while you’re making rice, the flavor from the tea can permeate into the rice. Jasmine tea in particular would be a good choice of tea bag to throw in with your rice.

3. To eliminate odors

If you put dry tea leaves into your cats litter box or in your trash can, it can suck up those nasty odors. It will also suck up food odors if you put a bowl of dry tea leaves in the fridge. You can even rinse your hands with tea or if you feel like you’re coming down with a case of Halitosis – you can skip the Listerine and gargle mint tea instead.

And these things are just the tipping point of what is listed in the article and other things you imagine you can do with tea. Next time you feel a flair for the artistic, sepia it up with your tea bags, you can even treat your paper with it to give it that vintage feel. Tea doesn’t have to be just for drinking. It can help with those bags under your eyes, be your inspiration and your medium, and help you out around the house. Tea drinking really is a life style.

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