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Tea Art: Dry tea illustrations by Andrew Gorkovenko


I think we all knew that steeped tea could be used for art – remembering those times making your papers all aged for that middle school project or even volunteering at the theater and aging the paper props for a show, or even seeing paintings or things dyed with tea. It was something easily comprehended, especially for us sloppier tea drinkers – leaving stains on tablecloths and clothing. But as as it turns out dry tea can do more than sit in a tin or help remove odors – it can be made into art.

Moscow-based graphic designer Andrew Gorkovenko has recently created a series of amazing dry tea illustration, as part of a series of packaging designs for a tea company.  Using only basic tools to manipulate the dry tea on white paper canvases, Gorkovenko created a series of intricate designs which illustrate the origin of the different tea varieties – the Great Wall of China and a detailed pagoda for green tea, a picturesque Ceylon landscape for black tea,and many more designs.

This is really an amazing collection and something amazing that can happen with tea. Tons of websites say the practical things you can do with tea, like cleaning and taking away odor, and the health benefits of tea, like helping with blood pressure or preventing disease- but there never seem to be lists of what almost useless but beautiful and great things you can do with tea. If something like this can happen, what other artwork can be done with tea? What other events can be achieved? The possibilities are endless. Then again, you could just drink it.

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