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Black Tea Output is Up Globally

Black Tea Output is up Globally

Tea has been doing well for itself these days, not only in health but in commerce. Recent reports have found that black tea output is up globally. Global black tea production during January-February this year increased by 7.13 million kg  to 113.62 mkg compared with the same period a year ago. Output in Malawi and Indonesia indicates a drop over last year. Malawi’s February output dropped by 2.20 million kg  to dip to 5.10 mkg. Indonesia’s output dropped marginally by 0.30 mkg to total 4.30 mkg.

Uganda is the other country reporting 2.16 mkg loss with production dipping to 2.97 mkg. All other nations are reporting an increase in production. At this point, Kenya tops the world black tea production table at 45.39 mkg followed by Sri Lanka 23.20 mkg

North India production will pick up only after April when winter ends. For the present, India ranks third in global production chart at 21.77 mkg (18.89 mkg). Of this, South Indian output accounts for 19.11 mkg and North Indian, 2.66 mkg.

The fact that black tea output is up globally means that more and more people are brewing and drinking the stuff. The more people are producing to sell, the more people are expected to buy. Whether it is all the health discoveries, the growing popularity, or even that black tea just tastes good – black tea is output is up globally and up in people’s teacups.

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