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Tea – There’s An App for That

Tea – there’s an app for that

Technology seems to be infiltrating every part of our lives – how we communicate, how we learn new information, how we wake up in the morning, and now how we brew our tea. If you didn’t know in terms of brewing tea – there’s an app for that.

Samuel Iglesias’s Tea for iPhone allows users of it to really learn how to brew their tea right. The tea app tells them how much of the tea leaves to use, what temperature the water should be, and how long to brew. There is even a timer within the tea app so people can watch it closely to see when to strain it out. You can record within the app what teas you’re drinking, note how brewing experiences went for future attempts, and even keep track of how much tea is left. It is tea 2.0. It is streamlining tea in ways that many haven’t even fathomed. What is next for the world of technology and the world of tea? People are developing new timers everyday, new types of strainers, and even different types of tea makers – what else could be developed? There are already multiple apps for tea making including several “tea wheel” apps that decide who is making the tea this time. Multiple tea stores have even developed their own apps.

The world is getting smaller and smaller every day and certain things are getting easier – even in tea. People now have access to different teas and different ideas about recipes in ways they haven’t been before. People can now order loose leaf teas and make their own blends. And now in the world of tea – there’s an app for that ( there’s actually a lot). There’s a lot of tea-chnology out there – maybe it’ll make your cup even more awesome – if you just give it a whirl.

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  • fernando
    August 5, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    Is there a Symbian S60 App? Usually ALL the apps are for Iphone, BB, anda Android OS. It’s a shame…


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