Tea Benefits

Lose Weight With Tea

Lose Weight With Tea

Tea, already thought to have numerous health benefits, could help you lose weight too. The focus of many weight loss techniques is to lose weight with tea and  it is often used by stars, recreationally or for health.

One tea to do this with is Green Tea – it is already esteemed both for weight loss but also for countless health be Already considered to be a very good variety of tea for losing weight, research says that the chemical EGCG that is found in this tea speeds up the body’s metabolism.This helps people in losing weight; the tea has the capacity to burn up to 70 calories a day. Also green tea raises the level of antioxidants, like antioxidant catechins in green tea boosts metabolism and helps burn your fat.

Rose Tea is another great tea for weight loss. Already it is good for preventing constipation and is one of the oldest flavouring teas available. In addition to clearing toxins and keeping the skin youthful,  rose tea also contains vitamins A, B3, C, D and E. The is also known to act against infections.

Oolong Tea  may have a stronger effect that green tea in the world of weight loss, according to research. This tea promotes fat burning and also helps to reduce your cholesterol and the concentration of fat in the body. It is  recommended to drink two cups per day.

All of these teas can help with weight loss and there are others still to help on your weight loss journey – you can even mix and match different teas to vary up what you need on your journey to a healthy, happy self – whatever size that may be. Either way, tea is a good way to get there, even if you’re just in it for the sheer enjoyment of the drink.

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