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Make Your Own Tea Blend

Make Your Own Tea Blend

There was a time when the same old bag of black, green, or maybe even sleepy time tea that you saw at the grocery store or in the break room seemed like your only tea making option. The same flavors, the same bland old blend that you dumped tons of cream and sugar into Рbut those days are over. You can make your own tea blend. With all sorts of loose leaf tea, herbs, or even fruits at your disposal, you can be  your own tea artist. You can craft that taste for you Рeven if it is just putting some apple peels in your black tea or dried lemons in your green. You are the master of your fate, you are the master of your tea.

With that said, starting out at anything is hard. Luckily here are some great starter blends via Princess Misia:

Flowery Berry Tea
40g loose white tea with fruit flavor
3 tbs dried cranberries
3 tbs dries raspberries
3 tbs dried chamomile flowers
3 tbs dried hibiscus flowers
1 tsp vanilla beans powder

Green Lemon Tea
50g loose green tea
5 tsp dried lemon rind

Orange Cinnamon Tea
50g loose Ceylon tea
3 tsp dried orange rind
3 tsp cinnamon
1 crushed cinnamon stick

In a bowl, combine all ingredients. Put tea in a transparent bag or a pretty jar. For preparation, use one teaspoon per cup of water.

These are great blends to start out with and maybe even get some ideas from. You could even get some ideas from looking at blends online, what do company’s usually combine together? Think about what tastes you’re craving and even some off the wall ideas that could make some great tea. After all people sell chocolate covered bacon and dip french fries in chocolate milk shakes – sometimes the unlikely makes a weird sort of heaven. So get mixing and blending and try your super awesome, totally you tea blends. Afterall experimenting with tea could only help your health, and it’s delicious too.

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