Use Green Tea in Your Smoothie

One recent health trend that you might see on your facebook feed or even pinned on pinterest is the “green smoothie”, where people in order to get health benefits of foods like spinach, kale or other green stuff will put those same things in smoothies combined with fruits and other goodies to make a good, healthy, breakfast smoothie, which is as you would imagine literally the color green. Believe it or not, Green Tea, is a common base that can be used in a “Green Smoothie” or even other smoothies to get a better taste and even add the health benefits of Green Tea. Because it hydrates just as well as water and is packed with anti-oxidants, it would be a good idea to use Green Tea in your smoothie, Green or otherwise.

One such smoothie recipe, which is not a Green Smoothie, is the Blueberry Basil Tea Recipe via Do Small Things With Love:

3 cups frozen blueberries
1 1/2 cups brewed Green Tea with Lemon
2 Basil Leaves
2 Tablespoon Honey
 First off, brew the tea to your desired strength. I decided to make this smoothie because I am always looking for ways to use the herbs in my garden.  My basil has taken off lately.Then, once the tea is chilled and the basil is picked, simply combine all of the elements, tasting and adjusting if needed.  And there you have it–your cool and refreshing drink just packed with antioxidants!  There are antioxidants in the tea, and the blueberries.  My husband thinks that he would have liked the smoothie to be a little creamier, but I like the simple blueberry/basil combination, with a tint of tea in the background.
There are countless other recipes you could try. You don’t have to go completely green with your Green Tea smoothies – you could just use it as a base for your standard fruit smoothie to give that extra anti-oxidant kick. If you do  the “Green Smoothie” route, it is definitely a fun health trend to try. It should be remembered to consult your doctor though and do your research before you make any serious diet changes.

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