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KitTea to bring Cat Cafes to San Francisco

Cat and Tea enthusiasts Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky are working to bring “cat cafe”s to San Francisco. Their aptly named business, KitTea, could be the first “cat cafe” to come to the United States.  Cat Cafes, as it turns out, are exactly what they sound like- cafes that serve tea and have cats around to interact with customers.  The KitTea website claims of their cafe that,

“Patrons will gain the therapeutic benefits spending time with cats (not to mention the entertaining aspects of playing with and observing the furry creatures!) while enjoying a healthy blend of exotic teas that are ecologically sourced from around the world”

Cat Cafes are popular throughout Europe and countries like Korea and Japan. Apparently you can order your favorite cup of tea and have quality time with a bunch of cats.  Hatt and Braginsky think that they can bring this business model to San Francisco.

KitTea to Bring Cat Cafes to San Francisco

Although it has been a concern that some of these Cat Cafes, called “Neko Cafes” in Japan, can be more harmful to cats than anticipated. There is the concern that the cats are over socialized and treated more as a commodity than an animal that needs love and care. KitTea, however, states that their primary concern is,

” to provide its resident cats with a comfortable, healthy, and safe home where they are free to socialize with people or nap in a quiet, private “felines only” section. We plan to partner with a cat rescue to populate our cat family and manage adoptions. We’ll be limiting the number of people allowed in the kitty tea lounge at a time, keeping the space stress-free and more enjoyable for people and cats alike. For this reason, we will be using a reservation system”

When the business opens sometime this year, it certainly will be an interesting experiment for tea and cats alike. Many cat lovers certainly drink tea and it certainly is a niche that can be filled. Who knows? Maybe soon there will be cat cafes all across the country. Either way whether you take your comforting cup of tea with a fluffy friend nearby or not- this is certainly an endeavor to raise a cuppa to.

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