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Jan 31
Pairing Cakes with Tea

If you love tea, and you want to know what food goes well with tea, you simply…

Aug 15
I Found Bugs In My Tea!

Finding small bugs or even beetles in your tea is disgusting! Yet it might not be a…

Jun 02
Pu Erh Tea Mountains Map!

Ever wondered where all these ancients pu erh mountains are located? Check out the…

Aug 26
Dragon Well Tea Legends Reveiled

Dragon Well tea is the most famous of Chinese green tea that is known for its…

Aug 05
8 Inspiring Ideas for Your Tea Business or Startup

Starting any business is hard, and you can’t get away from this challenging even…

Jul 16
Herbal Tea Ice Cubes (T-Cubes)

Have some summer fun by freezing beautiful herbs and flowers in ice cubes (a.k.a.…

Mar 23
Is Tea Gluten Free?

Millions of people worldwide suffer from gluten intolerance. As tea is known to be…

Jan 21
Jiaogulan Tea A.K.A. The Herb of Immortality

What is Jiaogulan tea, and how can it benefit or hurt your health. Here are the facts.

Jan 21
What Base Leaves Should I Use With Chrysanthemum Flowers And Rosebuds?

Notes on blending Chrysanthemum flowers and Rosebuds with loose leaf tea.

Jan 11
New Record: 2150 Years Old Tea Found In Tomb

A 30 year old pu erh cake is old? Guess what Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered…