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Jan 11
Tea Can Fight Antibiotics Resistant Bacteria Such As E-Coli

Here’s a new article on the health benefits of tea, in particular focused on…

Feb 17
Best Tea Plant Growing Conditions For Camellia Sinenses Tea Trees

All types of leaf teas are processed using the Camellia Sinenses tea plant and there…

Aug 04
Beautiful Glass Teapot With Infuser And Warmer Spotted

Recently we found this amazing glass teapot from one of our new suppliers. Stay tuned:…

May 12
What Chinese Teas Should I Buy?

Today we received an email from a new customer ‘John’. The email contains…

Apr 12
Chrysanthemum Tea, Preservatives and Pregnancy

Article moved to:

Mar 27
What is the Best Cheese to go with a Cup of Longjing Tea?

Longjing tea and cheese? Always difficult and I don’t think there are many tea…

Nov 15
What’s the difference between white tea and green tea?

What’s the difference between white tea and green tea? Read about everything…

Oct 10
Longjing Tea

Longjing Tea A very comprehensive guide to longjing tea on Squidoo!

Aug 06
What is your all time favorite tea quote?

Answer by Lisa Lin: Favorite tea quote:”You can’t buy happiness but you…

Aug 01
What should be the ideal time to drink Green tea (4-5 cups a day)?

Answer by Lisa Lin: The best timing is to drink it about 1 hour after a meal, because…