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Coffee Leaf Tea Guide

There are many coffee and tea lovers around the world, and the war between the two beverages has been going on for ages. Tea is still leading by being the second most consumed beverage in the world right after water. But this might change soon. Recently coffee farmers have something new that could potentially be a real alternative to tea: Coffee Leaf Tea.

As the name already reveals, it’s a tea made from the actual leaves of the coffee plant. Wise Monkey is one of the first companies that attempt to revolutionize the coffee industry with this tea. See their video below:

Tea type: tea or tisane?

Coffee leaf tea is in fact not a real tea, as it’s not made from the original tea plant called ‘Camellia Sinensis’. The official term for other steeped beverages made from other plants, herbs, or fruits are called ‘Tisane’. In reality, most people still tend to use the term ‘tea’ by classifying it in a separate category of ‘herbal teas’. Popular teas made from other herbs such as kuding and honeysuckle tea also belong to this category.

Health benefits of coffee leaf tea

Though it’s often claimed that coffee leaf tea has more antioxidants compared to green tea, there is no reliable academic evidence for this yet. See the video below discussing the benefits:

Coffee plants & processing

Coffee leaf tea can be made from one of the two types of coffee plants:

  • Arabica coffee plant: originally from to the mountains of the southwestern highlands in Ethiopia
  • Robusta coffee plant: originally from central and western sub-Saharan in Africa

The processing of the leaves aren’t as complicated as for real tea. Right after picking the leaves are dried, roasted and then crumpled. At the moment, there are no such tea available yet made from full leaf or buds. The cultivation is mainly focused on making sure the quality of the coffee bean is good, so the quality of the leaf is kind of ignored. Besides, that coffee production regions don’t have the tea cultivation knowledge yet, to produce better quality coffee leaf tea.

The taste

The most important question: How does it taste? If the taste isn’t good, this all doesn’t have any meaning. The tea community describes this tea with the following words the most: earthy, grassy,  vegetal, licorice. The taste is often rated from bad to reasonably good.

Though the taste isn’t as well received yet, future improvement in processing (and maybe even better cultivation) can make this type of herbal tea only better.

Secondary income for farmers

Independent from whether it tastes good or not, the idea of coffee leaf tea is great, because it can offer secondary income for bean producers, as the discussed in the video of Wise Monkey above. It has economic meaning, as the leaves aren’t gone to waste. And, if the taste is good, then all tea lovers can benefit from it.

So what about you? Is it going to be coffee or tea? or coffee leaf tea?

Purple Tea, Coffee Leaf Tea, Alcoholic Tea & More

Lots of things are happening around the world when it comes to tea. Here’s a summary of all the news that you have to know about from this week.

Purple Tea?

Nelson Kibara has been growing tea in the Kerugoya region for 40 years. He said the prices this year have been so low that he has been left with almost no profit at all. To survive, he said, he needs to diversify. He thinks growing ‘Purple tea’ is the solution…Read More

Invest In Pu Erh Tea

Pu erh prices can sometimes be from another planet as we mentioned before in our article about Taetea’s pu erh tea cake. A growing number of Chinese are buying pu erh as an investment, like wine. In one of China’s biggest recorded sales, two kilos of Pu’erh tea sold for five million yuan, or around 800,000 US dollars. But the market isn’t always stable…Read More.

Coffee, Tea Or Coffee Leaf Tea?

It’s a completely innovative way to look at the plant and it’s disrupting the tea industry as well due to its higher antioxidant content than green tea. The main question remains though: How does it taste?…Read more
If you happen to try it out in the future, but you don’t like the taste, you can always try out our coffee-tea recipe.

Working Conditions Of Tea Pickers In India

Somewhat less pleasant news but important to highlight are the bad working conditions and exploitation tea pickers in India’s tea industry. This goes back centuries but recently about 100 tea workers in the Dooars region of West Bengal have died over the last 12 months brings the feudal conditions under which these workers are forced to toil into sharp focus…Read More

Rain Fall & Tea Taste

With a longer rainy season as a result of climate change, a larger proportion of the annual harvest is likely to be of lower-quality. Another concern for farmers is that tea harvested in the monsoon season needs more drying, which can also reduce its antioxidant properties…Read More

Alcoholic Tea?

Recently we reported about this Mar-Tea-Ni, but the trend towards alcoholic tea is continuing! Here’s the worlds first certified organic alcoholic ice tea…Read More

Do You Want a Tea Cocktail Mar-tea-ni or a Bubble Tea with Mixology

bubble tea mixology

Tea is the new coffee! As more and more restaurants, cafes and hotels starting to sell more exotic teas, a few of them are now trying to get creative in order to offer something unique. Here are two very good examples:


Berkeley’s Asha Tea House (2086 University Ave.) has always been a place for people with different levels of tea appreciation, including teenagers craving sweet boba drinks and connoisseurs who spend hours steeping top-grade high-mountain oolong leaves in a traditional gaiwan. Now there’s something for the boozehounds among us, too: Since August, Asha has been serving a small selection of tea cocktails. The drinks, which are available after 5:30 p.m., offer convincing evidence that tea and alcohol do, in fact, mix — better than you might imagine. Read more
tea cocktail

Bubble Tea with Mixology

The Frozen Old Fashioned bubble tea cocktail at MoPho tastes just like a standard version of the classic drink, but with daiquiri-like texture of blended ice and the squishy presence of tapioca pearls or gummy blobs of flavored jellies sucked through a fat straw. “I don’t think you can get any more fun and lighthearted than a boba tea,” said Jeff Gulotta, co-owner and manager of MoPho. (Gulotta, like many, prefers the more traditional word “boba” over the more popular “bubble” in describing the Southeast Asian drink. Read more

Given these two examples it seems that the possibilities are endless. Have you have tried to make a cool tea drink before at home? Perhaps you should try out making this bubble tea and add some additional creativity to it. Feel free to share.

Flowering Tea: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Flowering tea (Also called blooming tea or tea flower) has quickly gained worldwide popularity not only because of its rich taste and flavor but also largely due to the sophisticated and unique beauty and artistry that it displays.

flowering tea

While the detailed story about the advent of this tea remains an enticing mystery, we all know that flowering tea, like many other tea varieties, hails from southwestern China’s Fujian province, where tea artisans start picking fresh tea leaves still damp with the morning dew while the sun has just barely risen over the tea gardens. Every tea leaf is hand-sewn with delicate cotton threads into a small bundle with dried exquisite flowers at the center, explicitly creating an extraordinary masterpiece and mesmerizing story to be unraveled during steeping.

Why They Make Ideal Presents for Any Occasion

With the flowering tea balls gracefully unfurling into a majestic display of dancing flowers, they have always proven to be a charming and captivating sight to behold. Coupled with its velvety flavors and gentle floral scents, these wonderful creations are without a doubt an excellent treat to the senses—and no matter what the occasion is, these teas make for unique surprises, healthy presents, and extraordinary remembrances.

Happy Tea Birthday!

Whether it’s your niece’s twenty-first or your brother’s fortieth or your boss’s retirement and sixtieth in one, you should do away with the common and boring gifts. Surprise them with a lovely set of artisan flowering tea balls and a glass teapot through which they can observe and enjoy the blooming tea petals.  Surely, they will be delighted with your thoughtfulness and will even be happier to know the great health benefits that every glass of flowering tea brings.

Please Be My Valen-Tea-Na!

When everybody is expecting to receive flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, surprise your significant other with a sweet collection of hand-sewn blooming tea balls, packaged with an elegant set of crystal clear glass tea pot and cups. This will help set for a perfect Valentine’s date where you and your partner can enjoy a remarkable tea experience while you talk, read, or simply while away the time, savoring the grandness of the artisan ambience in your tea experience.

Let’s Celebrate the Start of Your Blooming Career!

Congratulate your BFF for finishing college or your favorite cousin for acing an exam or yourself for topping your culinary class. What better way to commemorate the beginning of a blooming career ahead than with a special afternoon highlighted by a solemn tea celebration with an equally remarkable work of art in itself: blooming tea. The graceful unfurling of the flowering tea is, without a doubt, ideally symbolic of the start of an exciting new career, life, and story ahead.

To Forever and Eterni-Tea!

Give the perfect gift to your best friend on her wedding day: a bountiful collection of artisanal blooming tea that is both inviting to the palate and fascinating to the eyes. The hand-tied exquisite display of art tea made with tea leaves and crowned with jasmine or gold amaranth that blooms into a beautiful display of colors creates a romantic pot of delicate soft floral flavors and passionate scents, symbolizing a special celebration of a meaningful love story about to unfold. But that’s not it, these tea flowers are packed with lots of health benefits, depending on the type of ingredients used.

Flowering Blooming Teas Soon To Be Launched On

Good news! Teasenz is soon going to launch a new blooming tea category offering tea flowers to wholesale customers. In preparation for this two new articles on blooming teas are recently released! Click the links below to read more:

Blooming Tea Benefits

How To Make Blooming Tea

Enjoy reading!

2014 Spring First Flush Green Tea Coming Soon

Chinese green tea


What is first flush tea?

When it comes to green tea, the quality of the spring batch is usually the best. Especially when picked early spring. A few reasons why:

  • Fertile soil: without harvesting for months, the soil is the most fertile
  • Low weather temperature: green tea buds are allowed to grow slowly resulting concentrated flavors
  • Cool temperatures means less insects and therefore no need for pesticides use

First Flush Tea Arrival Schedule

Compared to 2013 the tea season has started later due to weather conditions in China. Good news though, our spring teas are slowly arriving!

1. First Flush Long Jing
Probably the most famous green tea in China and internationally. Enjoy this imperial quality green tea consisting of one bud and one/two leaves.

2. Ming Qian Huang Shan Mao Feng
Straight from our farmer in Huang Shan. One of China’s most popular high-end teas.
Expected: Mid April 2014

3. Anji Bai
Known by many as a white tea due to its name. However, Anji white is made using the Chinese green tea processing method and therefore should be classified as a green tea.
Expected: End April 2014

4. Xin Yang Mao Jian

Quality green tea straight from one of our favorite tea suppliers in Xin Yang town. There is nothing better than this Xin Yang from a family that has been producing this Mao Jian for generations.
Expected: End of April 2014

Besides the above teas there will be more teas coming in. They are left out of this list because we aren’t able to give an exact date yet. Thanks for reading 😉