Flowering Tea: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Flowering tea (Also called blooming tea or tea flower) has quickly gained worldwide popularity not only because of its rich taste and flavor but also largely due to the sophisticated and unique beauty and artistry that it displays.

flowering tea

While the detailed story about the advent of this tea remains an enticing mystery, we all know that flowering tea, like many other tea varieties, hails from southwestern China’s Fujian province, where tea artisans start picking fresh tea leaves still damp with the morning dew while the sun has just barely risen over the tea gardens. Every tea leaf is hand-sewn with delicate cotton threads into a small bundle with dried exquisite flowers at the center, explicitly creating an extraordinary masterpiece and mesmerizing story to be unraveled during steeping.

Why They Make Ideal Presents for Any Occasion

With the flowering tea balls gracefully unfurling into a majestic display of dancing flowers, they have always proven to be a charming and captivating sight to behold. Coupled with its velvety flavors and gentle floral scents, these wonderful creations are without a doubt an excellent treat to the senses—and no matter what the occasion is, these teas make for unique surprises, healthy presents, and extraordinary remembrances.

Happy Tea Birthday!

Whether it’s your niece’s twenty-first or your brother’s fortieth or your boss’s retirement and sixtieth in one, you should do away with the common and boring gifts. Surprise them with a lovely set of artisan flowering tea balls and a glass teapot through which they can observe and enjoy the blooming tea petals.  Surely, they will be delighted with your thoughtfulness and will even be happier to know the great health benefits that every glass of flowering tea brings.

Please Be My Valen-Tea-Na!

When everybody is expecting to receive flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, surprise your significant other with a sweet collection of hand-sewn blooming tea balls, packaged with an elegant set of crystal clear glass tea pot and cups. This will help set for a perfect Valentine’s date where you and your partner can enjoy a remarkable tea experience while you talk, read, or simply while away the time, savoring the grandness of the artisan ambience in your tea experience.

Let’s Celebrate the Start of Your Blooming Career!

Congratulate your BFF for finishing college or your favorite cousin for acing an exam or yourself for topping your culinary class. What better way to commemorate the beginning of a blooming career ahead than with a special afternoon highlighted by a solemn tea celebration with an equally remarkable work of art in itself: blooming tea. The graceful unfurling of the flowering tea is, without a doubt, ideally symbolic of the start of an exciting new career, life, and story ahead.

To Forever and Eterni-Tea!

Give the perfect gift to your best friend on her wedding day: a bountiful collection of artisanal blooming tea that is both inviting to the palate and fascinating to the eyes. The hand-tied exquisite display of art tea made with tea leaves and crowned with jasmine or gold amaranth that blooms into a beautiful display of colors creates a romantic pot of delicate soft floral flavors and passionate scents, symbolizing a special celebration of a meaningful love story about to unfold. But that’s not it, these tea flowers are packed with lots of health benefits, depending on the type of ingredients used.

Blooming Flower Teas

Blooming Flower Teas

There is something really romantic about the idea of Blooming flower teas. That you can put these dry fragrant buds in a teapot or teacup and when you pour hot water on them – they come alive. Flowers bloom and unfurl in the steam and the heat – there is color and beauty in the tea pot – more than any simple cup of tea. And the very essence of the flower steeps through all of it and you can drink it – it is like life, the sheer beauty of it all, in your hands.

Whether you go for a full sized blooming tea like Oriental Beauty Blooming Tea or a simple flower herbal tea like Calming Chrysanthemum Tea – it is an experience to be had, if only just to see it. You may even get health benefits out of it. While health benefits vary flower to flower, the fact that flower teas are not caffeinated allow you to enjoy tea without having to worry about staying up too late or any bad side effects of caffeine.  Flowering teas are generally considered healthy for all ages but if you are pregnant or have any particular health problems, you should consult a doctor before consuming.

Blooming Flower Teas are definitely something to try and if nothing else, something to add a zing to your favorite kind of tea- though it might not be as pretty.