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Blooming Flower Teas

Blooming Flower Teas

There is something really romantic about the idea of Blooming flower teas. That you can put these dry fragrant buds in a teapot or teacup and when you pour hot water on them – they come alive. Flowers bloom and unfurl in the steam and the heat – there is color and beauty in the tea pot – more than any simple cup of tea. And the very essence of the flower steeps through all of it and you can drink it – it is like life, the sheer beauty of it all, in your hands.

Whether you go for a full sized blooming tea like Oriental Beauty Blooming Tea or a simple flower herbal tea like Calming Chrysanthemum Tea – it is an experience to be had, if only just to see it. You may even get health benefits out of it. While health benefits vary flower to flower, the fact that flower teas are not caffeinated allow you to enjoy tea without having to worry about staying up too late or any bad side effects of caffeine.  Flowering teas are generally considered healthy for all ages but if you are pregnant or have any particular health problems, you should consult a doctor before consuming.

Blooming Flower Teas are definitely something to try and if nothing else, something to add a zing to your favorite kind of tea- though it might not be as pretty.

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