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It’s Tea Time – Woof! Woof!

It is not an uncommon thing to take tea with your pets. Curling up with a cup of tea, a good book, and you cat purring beside you, having your breakfast feeding your dog biscuits under the table, drinking tea with your bird on your shoulder. Beatrix Potter apparently drank tea with her bunnies. Well now, for you tea drinking dog lovers, there is tea your dog can drink.

WOOF & BREW is a range of healthy herbal teas for dogs, was launched at Crufts, from March 7-10, by two Huntingdonshire business people – Lisa Goodwin Morton, of Hartford, and Steve Bennett, of Papworth, and two of their contacts Tony Kinch and Nick Gandon.

The initial range of tea included five varieties for adult dogs, with each said to help with a different area of the dog’s wellbeing, such as skin and coat or fresh breath .The tea bags are added to 250ml of hot water for four minutes, then added to 750ml of cold water before served to a canine.

The creators have plans to introduce two more lines to WOOF&BREW shortly, with a range called Posh Pooch and another to help dogs with anxiety. The pouches of 28 bags – a month’s supply for one dog – have also been picked up by a number of wholesalers.

With this, who knows how many other pets you can have tea with? Parakeets, Kitties, Teacup Pigs – the potential for animal themed tea parties is infinite. If not, maybe “it’s tea time” will be just another phrase Fido will  perk his ears to.

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