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Tips to Make That Perfect Cup of Tea

Tips to Make that Perfect Cup of Tea

Have you been wondering how to make your tea even better? Yahoo UK and Ireland offers some great Tips to make that perfect cup of tea:

1. Make sure to give your tea the correct amount of time to brew. For black tea, the Tea Council recommends brewing 3-4 minutes and for green tea, 3-4 minutes, though for the jasmine variety, reduce that to 2-3.

2. Try making that full pot of tea. Lots of people make single mugs of tea for convenience, but there’s nothing like drinking a pot of tea with friends, or taking on one yourself.

3. Use Fresh Water. For better tasting tea, heat up the water when you’re making the tea as opposed to using old boiled water – it’s not as good.

4. Store your tea right. Make sure to keep your tea in tins or containers where too much air cannot get in. It keeps the tea fresher. Also keep it away from bright lights and keep it at room temperature.

5. Try other teas! As nice as that standard black tea is – there is a whole world out there of loose leaf teas – Green, White, Herbal and many more. There are a lot of tastes out there and you should definitely try them.

So, go ahead, try these new things with your tea and try other teas – there’s a whole world out there of tea and the best way to get better at making tea is to actually make it.

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