Puer Tea On the Rise


Pu’er, a  tea produced in China’s Yunnan province,  has seen its price rise by as much as 80 percent over the past six months , although the  prices for other Chinese teas have remained stable.

According to Beyondbrics, Zhou Chonglin, a Kunming-based tea expert and co-author of “War of Tea”, believes that this price surge of Pu’er could have been predicted. He said that Pu’er investors, who left the market in 2007, started to come back late last year, in response to the increasing popularity of tea, probably due to all of the health benefits in the news.

Yunnan is home to China’s biggest tea farms and the main production region of Pu’er, with an output value of Rmb 23.3 bn in 2012. The production of Pu’er last year, 81,300 tonnes, made up almost one third of all teas produced in Yunnan.  According to a recent report by the China Tea Marketing Association, due to poor weather, the tea production of Yunan this spring has reduced by 10 per cent compared to the same period in previous years, with nearly 100,000 hectares of tea gardens being affected.

In addition, it’s a good thing that Puer tea is on the rise with all of its health benefits. The tea helps with losing weight, helps  prevent cancer, aids in protecting teeth and  stomach health, and in addition helps with anti-radiation and Anti-aging. It’s darker, more coffee like taste can even serve as an alternative for coffee lovers who want to lessen their caffeine headache without giving up that taste. Puer tea on the rise is something to rise our cuppa’s to, and maybe pour a cup to try the stuff.


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