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Clean Your Windows With Black Tea

Tea doesn’t have to just be for drinking, it can help you around the house as well. It can help get rid of bad odors, help the puffyness under your eyes, and as cited in this article, can be used to clean your windows. It makes a streak free shine that is non-toxic and in a way that can’t hurt the environment or anyone you care about.

To do this, you use black tea. The blogger on Networx brewed the tea for an hour to get all of the tannins out, around a cup, then transferred it to a spray bottle and cleaned windows and mirrors with it.  Below is the picture of the results, the left hand cleaned by tea, the right by plain water:

Clean Your Windows With Black Tea

There are less streaks and it is a crystal clear window. The writer also advised using old newspaper to clean windows – apparently it has less streaks and you can recycle it afterwards.

So that’s definitely something to try in terms of tea. Maybe one Sunday, with particularly dirty windows, armed with your old newspaper and the rest of that pot of black tea, you can make your windows shine. It sure is one way to make your tea drinking super sustainable.

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