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13 Things To Do With Your Leftover Green Tea Leaves

13 Things To Do With Your Leftover Green Tea Leaves

Green Tea is pretty great. It has tons of health benefits, clears you mind, and tastes great too. Of course, you drink it loose because that’s how you get a better taste profile, but in the end you have all of these tea leaves you can either throw away or find something better to do with. If you want to do the latter (as you should), here are 13 things to do with your leftover green tea leaves:

  1. Reduce humidity in your home. Sun-dry the used tea leaves and leave them in a damp corner to absorb excess moisture. Be sure to dry them outside your home, or you’ll just be wasting your time.
  2. Eliminate fridge odor. Put sun-dried tea leaves in the fridge to clear up the smell.
  3. Soothe yourself to sleep. Stuff dried tea leaves into your pillow! According to Chinese folk medicine, sleeping on tea leaves helps reduces blood pressure, relieves insomnia and soothes headache. The only problem is that tea leaves in a pillow get damp easily, so you have to sun it frequently.
  4. Clean your carpet. Scatter slightly moistened tea leaves across the floor before vacuuming them away. The tea leaves attract dust and take dust away with them.
  5. Water your plant with tea. Soak the tea leaves in water for a couple of days. Remove the tea leaves, (rotten tea leaves attract pests), and use the tea water as fertilizer.
  6. Feed silk worms with leftover tea leaves.
  7. Avoid bug bites. If mosquitoes or flies are a bother, burn some sun-dried tea leaves.
  8. Bathe your feet. If you suffer from smelly feet, try washing your feet in a strong brew of used tea leaves.
  9. Freshen your breath. It is not a good idea to have tea immediately after a meal, but you can rinse your mouth with tea to remove any smell.
  10. Make your furniture smell good.  Wipe them a few times with tea leaves to get rid of the smell.
  11. For Acne Problems. Rub green tea leaves over your face and wash them off. It’s proven to reduce acne and it’s cheaper than other solutions.
  12. Mix your tea leaves with herbal tobacco substitute and smoke in your water pipe (Hookah).
  13. Add the tea to the herbal incense and burn in an incense pot.

And there you have it- 13 things you can do with those used tea leaves. Now you can make drinking Green Tea really green. 


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