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Green Tea Could Prevent Diabetes

Green Tea Could Prevent Diabetes 

Sometimes, seeing all of the articles coming out, it seems like Green Tea is a miracle drink. From helping with thought clarity, helping high blood pressure, and preventing cancer – what can Green Tea not help with? And now there’s yet one more thing you can add to the list- green tea could prevent Diabetes.

Helena Ng, a PhD student at Hobart’s Menzies Research Institute , has found that the consumption of green tea prevents rats from getting diabetes.   She said that the rats had been fed an unhealthy diet that normally led to the early stages of diabetes, but not when the diet was accompanied by green tea.

She said before she could find out if the popular Asian beverage also provided a shield against the disease in humans, she needed to find a way to get people to consume it in large quantities. Ng said it would be harder still to persuade Tasmanians to drink the required 200 cups a day.

“To put it in capsules or tablets — that is likely to be the next step,” she said.

Ms Ng said, instead of stuffing tea leaves into tablets, she was hoping she could include just the green tea components that were not found in the more familiar black teas. She said green tea, if proven, could become a welcome alternative to existing anti-diabetes medications, which had side-effects.

This discovery isn’t a cure though – Green Tea can prevent having diabetes but cannot cure it. This is a great step in learning how to prevent diseases like this occurring. And it only makes you wonder what it is about the components in Green Tea that can take it to this level. Though it’s not a cure, it’s one more reason to go green in your tea drinking.


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