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De-stress with Lavender Tea

Life can be really stressful. Whether you’re a student trying desperately to keep up with course work that seems impossible, a mother trying to juggle multiple lives, a business professional trying to meet tough deadlines- stress can take a major toll. That can manifest in insomnia, unhealthy eating habits, and general fatigue that could even exacerbate the stress you already have. The good news is that while life has a lot of stress, tea exists. Through all the chaos, at the end of the day a nice steaming cup of tea can make it all better. One tea that does that in particular is Lavender Tea.

De-Stress with Lavender Tea

Even imagining the scent alone, evokes feelings of calm, not even thinking about the tea. In fact, Lavender tea is known in its calming effects to encourage rest and fight insomnia. It also helps with the nervous system and dealing with indigestion. It helps to relieve that anxiety and stress that so many feel. It can even help with those stress induced migraines. There are even claims that external use of this tea can help with cuts and sores. With all of these benefits, one can certainly de-stress with Lavender Tea. Especially with these cold January nights, it might be nice to have a cup of Lavender and take a break from stress. Just steep it in your favorite mug, add a little honey, maybe pop in a great movie and you’re off to the land of calm and serenity – at least for a little while.

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