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Sichuan Tea Culture Combines Tea With Kungfu: Long Spout Tea Kettle

The Sichuan long spout copper teapot is probably one of the most remarkable type of teapots in the world. They are often used in China to entertain a tea crowd by combining a spectacular tea serving ritual in combination with kungfu moves. Below a video in which a longspout tea master talks about his experiences:

Longspout Teapot Short Documentary


These shows were very popular during the Tang and Song Dynasties as a form of leisure and were often combined with kungfu and even poetry reading. Today, when you visit the Sichuan province, pouring tea through a long sprout copper teapot is a touristic attraction that you can’t miss.

long spout copper teapot show

It takes years of practice to perfectly master the art of pouring tea through these teapots. A tea master needs to control the speed and make sure to aim precisely to let the tea liquor perfectly flow in the teacup.

Advantage of Longspout Tea Pouring

Though these long spout teapots aren’t practical for daily use, there is one advantage that is worth to mention: Because the tea liquor travels a longer distance through the air, it’s at perfect consumption temperature when it’s in your cup.

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