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Brewing Success: Global Tea Sales Increasing in 2015

While countries such as China, India, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Ireland have traditionally been large tea consuming countries, the global demand in other countries show an increasing trend.

U.S. Tea Market

Recently, CCTV reported that the demand for tea in the US is growing. Even though, the average American still drinks far less tea, more are learning to get a taste for it. One important fact is that the U.S. tea market has grown from 2 billion USD to about 10 billion USD in 2013, based on data from the U.S. Tea Association.

Thailand Tea Market

The Nation reports that a recent research among 300 respondents aged 15-49 in Bangkok shows that green tea is currently the ruling beverage in the market. The main reasons for choosing green tea is that respondents believe that its refreshing, energizing, good for the skin, and improving digestion.

China Tea Market

The Center for Agricultural and Rural Research recently published the Chinese tea ranking list of 2015 based on brand value, showing an increase of more than 10%, compared to 2014.

In the mean time coffee consumption is growing 7 times faster than the global average.

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