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Tea Can Fight Antibiotics Resistant Bacteria Such As E-Coli

Here’s a new article on the health benefits of tea, in particular focused on green tea and black tea extracts.

Turning Tea Into Medical Breakthroughs

Summary: this stat might shock you: every year more than 2 million Americans get infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria. The most recent e-Coli bacteria is a good example. New research now shows that tea can fight bacteria. Is tea the answer? This quote is particularly interesting:

“These processed green tea and black tea extracts have the potential to extend the life and the degree of efficacy for antibiotics and, in doing so, help stem the tide of widespread resistance to antibiotics. In addition, the anti-microbial effects of these compositions and methods can be used in a variety of other applications, including the increase of shelf-life for food through the neutralization of food-borne pathogens or even to decontaminate devices or surfaces.”


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