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Tea Pics: Picking & Processing Chinese Tea

Some nice images were shared by the China Daily newspaper recently to show how Chinese tea is made. We can write a lot about the complicated process about it, but that would be boring to read. Check the impressive pics below to get an idea of journey from the leaf that ends up in your cup. These tea pics are definitely worth a thousand words.

Picking tea

picking tea leaves 2.jpg

picking tea leaves.jpg

Here’s a close up, smile!tea leaves close up

Air drying tea

air drying tea leaves.jpg

Rolling rolling green tea leaves.jpg

Pan Firing

stirring chinese green tea in pan.jpg

Removing impuritiesb083fe955b6c1872ab0a33.jpg

removing impurities.jpg

Finished dry leaves


And Finally,…the green tea leaves end in a cup



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  • Buri-chan
    April 12, 2016 at 12:19 am

    As many times as I’ve read about this process, I’ve never seen such vivid photos! Thanks for sharing.


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