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5 Zongzi Recipe Videos You’ll Love

Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner, and you might want to make some delicious zongzi. It’s a kind of dumpling made from sticky rice and different ingredients wrapped in a bamboo leaves.

Making zongzi is never boring as there are so many great recipes out there. We’ve watched tons of videos on YouTube to discover the best ones, and they’re shared with you right below.

Salty Pork Zongzi

Angel Wong is sharing her secret zongzi recipe with you in this video. She recommends ingredients such as pork, Chinese sausage, peanuts, chestnuts, salty egg, dried mushrooms, dried shallots. It’s a great video as all the steps are carefully explained in detail.

Salty Chicken Zongzi

Another great video! The style is completely different than the previous video. There’s no voice, but the steps are demonstrated in clear detail with positive background music. The recipe uses chicken in

stead of pork and it seems to get some nice seasoning with anise and cinnamon. The use of dried shrimps also looks promising.

Sweet Red Bean Zongzi Recipe

Prefer sweet instead of salty? You’re not the only one. In China, especially the Northern regions love sweet zongzi such as this red bean dumpling.

Making Zongzi/Joong with Family!

The recipe of this video is quite similar to the previous ones that explain how to make a salty zongzi. Yet, this video is amazing because it shares more background information about the Dragon Boat Festival and why it’s so much fun to make zongzi together with family!

Taiwanese Zongzi Recipe

Do you need to make a zongzi that’s super authentically Taiwanese? Then watch this one:

Now you know how to cook zongzi! You can stick to the instructions in the above videos or improve and make your own ones. After all, glutinous rice goes well with lots of ingredients.

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