3 Tea Board Games You’ll Love

Serious groups of tea friends spend a lot of time together enjoying tea. This makes board games an excellent activity for during the slow tea sessions. Yet, even the most hardcore tea lovers don’t know that many tea themed games exist! We’ve reviewed many board games, and discussing the 3 best ones in this post!

1. A Nice Cup of Tea

In this game (A Nice Cup of Tea) you cultivate and manage your own tea estates, you support building the Darjeelling-Himalaya railway from Siliguri to the Summit of Ghum. The farmer that contributed the most to the completed railway wins the game.

The combination of tea farming and building a railway does seem to be a bit strange. Yet, know that without infrastructure there’s no tea trade!

2. Field of Arle: Tea & Trade expansion

Fields of Arle is a game this emphasizes more the farming aspect compared to the first game (A Nice Cup of Tea). The game is more complex compared to other board games, so this will attract mainly the board game fanatics.

The good news is that an expansion pack (Tea & Trade) adds tea to game as a commodity! Tea can cultivated and used in different ways, such as feeding to your workers to boost their productivity. You can even upgrade your tea, to make it a more effective commodity. This positive emphasizes the quality aspect, which we like.

While the theme of this game is mainly focused farming and trading in general, we love the added tea component.

3. BEST GAME: Formosa Tea

Last but not least, this game is the one we love the most. As a farmer in Taiwan you’re a tea farm owner competing to cultivate and process the best tea. Finally, a game in which tea isn’t a commodity and in which the goal isn’t about maximizing yield, but quality.

It includes nice ‘quality’ dimensions in which you make decisions to distribute smartly your worker resources to improve harvest and processing techniques. The tea can then be sold in domestic or international markets.

The game takes 4 rounds and the player who has the most prestige points wins!

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