Tea Space Interior Design Inspirations

Imagine sitting in a tranquil tea space with steaming tea in front of you. Just the thought of it brings you ease and Zen right? You can have such tea space at home too! Let’s check out some amazing tea spaces designs for inspiration!

Oriental Tea Space Interior Design

This traditional Korean house in northern Seoul is less than 30 m² in size,  yet is fully equipped, including a sunken bath and a tea space.

In this small space, the living room is the tea room. A piece of long walnut wood is used as the tea table, supported by a rough and raw stone, around it are some cushions on the floor.

This was a traditional local house, which has been transformed into a natural and peaceful living space. A large porthole on the wall allows guests to enjoy the view of the outdoors. The word “window” also means “lie down and go sightseeing” in Korean. Even in dense residential areas and compact spaces, people can still feel relaxed and comfortable.

Imagine, get up in the morning, brew a nice pot of tea, settle down and enjoy a good book. Look through the floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the morning sunshine and the beautiful view of the courtyard. Home is the most reassuring place in a fast-paced city, a nicely decorated tea space which will be wonderful solace.  

Modern Western Tea Space

This European-style house in Hangzhou has been neglected for ten years and turned into an aesthetically pleasing minimalist house called Habitat. After the transformation such as the readjusting of the layout and the regional size, Habitat is now a comprehensive b&b for guest to stay, taste the tea and admire the view.

In addition to guest rooms, there is a quiet space on the third floor that serves as a tea area. Different from the similar Japanese designs, Habitat’s tea space and the whole house have the same style, which is mainly modern and simple.

The black triangular area accentuates the original architectural sense, fading the background for a more concentrated tea moment.

The black and white background goes well with the colour of the wooden furniture, sitting in such an environment, you can immerse yourself in the tea ceremony in an instant.

If you have enough space at home and design a tea area with original taste like this, your guests might not want to leave at all.

Tea Space & Garden

If you have a garden/courtyard/terrace, you can try creating a integrated tea space with a garden view.

This house, with its wide-angled terrace, combines a Japanese courtyard with a Chinese Song dynasty style that reflects the modern zen atmosphere of the tea space.

The courtyard is dotted with mosses, pine trees and ferns transported from Japan. Outdoor landscape lights shine directly from the bottom of the tree, and white walls reflect the lights and show shadows of the pine trees swaying at night.

The main tea tasting area is located indoor. As the curtain slowly rises, the nice outdoor view slowly appears.

The tea space inside is Zen. One end of the room is decorated like there’s a rising moon, two pieces embroidered artwork of pine forest are hanging on the wall.

There’s a clever design – you can hide tea leaves inside the “pine forest”.

The tea room is divided into two areas, one part is for the coupe who own the house, the other is for entertaining the guests when they come.

As long as there is a pot of tea, you can be happy no matter where you are.

The size of the tea space is not important. What matters is to give tea a functioning scene that caters to the heart’s desire for comfort and tranquility.

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