Tea / Tea Guides 2007 Yu Bing Wang Raw Pu Erh Review

Today we’re tasting the 2007 Yu Bing Wang Raw cake, which is available at Without further ado, let’s start steeping!

We’re applying a 90ÂșC temperature for 6 gram of this tea as we’re looking for a somewhat lighter evening steep. The tea is fairly tight and we allow for a 20 second rinse to let it loosen up properly before our first brew.

Steep 1-2

The first steep (10 seconds) has a grassy vegetal flavour. Not fresh cut grass but rather closer to wet straw, with a sweet after taste.

The second brew (10 seconds) the tea becomes less grassy. The taste is like a strong green tea with hints of bamboo and Jasmine flowers.

Steep 3+

Starting from the 3rd brew (+5 seconds every steep), the tea becomes more balanced. The texture becomes nicely soft and milky.

Slowly the flowery aroma evolves into that of orchid flowers with some nuttiness of lily. The floral aroma actually really stands out, and it keeps lingering in the mouth. When smelling the bottom of our cups, the fragrance very strongly there as well.

Around the 8th steep, there’s no grassiness left, and all you taste a delicate taste of floral sweetness. This tea remarkable when it comes to the amount of steeps, with 6 gram easily lasting 14 steeps.


For those who love the a raw pu erh a well aged vegetal and floral raw pu erh, this Yu Bing Wang cake is going to be a great choice. If you prefer raws that are accessible, simple and sweet, the complex notes of this tea aren’t probably the right match for you.

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