Purple Tea, Coffee Leaf Tea, Alcoholic Tea & More

Lots of things are happening around the world when it comes to tea. Here’s a summary of all the news that you have to know about from this week.

Purple Tea?

Nelson Kibara has been growing tea in the Kerugoya region for 40 years. He said the prices this year have been so low that he has been left with almost no profit at all. To survive, he said, he needs to diversify. He thinks growing ‘Purple tea’ is the solution…Read More

Invest In Pu Erh Tea

Pu erh prices can sometimes be from another planet as we mentioned before in our article about Taetea’s pu erh tea cake. A growing number of Chinese are buying pu erh as an investment, like wine. In one of China’s biggest recorded sales, two kilos of Pu’erh tea sold for five million yuan, or around 800,000 US dollars. But the market isn’t always stable…Read More.

Coffee, Tea Or Coffee Leaf Tea?

It’s a completely innovative way to look at the plant and it’s disrupting the tea industry as well due to its higher antioxidant content than green tea. The main question remains though: How does it taste?…Read more
If you happen to try it out in the future, but you don’t like the taste, you can always try out our coffee-tea recipe.

Working Conditions Of Tea Pickers In India

Somewhat less pleasant news but important to highlight are the bad working conditions and exploitation tea pickers in India’s tea industry. This goes back centuries but recently about 100 tea workers in the Dooars region of West Bengal have died over the last 12 months brings the feudal conditions under which these workers are forced to toil into sharp focus…Read More

Rain Fall & Tea Taste

With a longer rainy season as a result of climate change, a larger proportion of the annual harvest is likely to be of lower-quality. Another concern for farmers is that tea harvested in the monsoon season needs more drying, which can also reduce its antioxidant properties…Read More

Alcoholic Tea?

Recently we reported about this Mar-Tea-Ni, but the trend towards alcoholic tea is continuing! Here’s the worlds first certified organic alcoholic ice tea…Read More

25.000 USD: TaeTea’s Horse Year 2014 Pu Erh Tea

Chinese news agency, cnfold.com, reports that Taetea group announced its launch of the 2013 lunar year memmorial tea. The pu erh tea cake is called the ‘Hero Horse Tea’ as China is about to enter the year of the horse. This pu erh tea is part of the company’s ‘Tea Zodiac Series’ which is very popular among Chinese and Hong Kong pu erh collectors.

horse year 2014 pu erh tea cake taetea
Source: puerh.cn

The Hero Horse 100% made using traditional manual processing methods starting from the selection of raw materials. The leaves are handpicked and only the best leaves are sorted out for this tea cake. This is followed by processing using precise baking time and temperatures.

The taste is said to be slightly floral with a clear yellow bright liquor that is a recognizable feature of mengtai tea trees.

This pu erh was auctioned in different cities of China. See the list below with the auctioned price (in RMB), based on the information on puerhcn.com:

  • Guangzhou first pie 106,000 RMB (17666 USD), the second pie 150,000 RMB (25000 USD);
  • Beijing were 100,000 (16666 USD), 99,000 (16500 USD);
  • Shanghai 58888 (9800 USD) and 61,800 (10300 USD) ;
  • Xi’an 39000 (6500 USD) , 60000 (10000 USD);
  • Wuhan 39840 (6644 USD);
  • Kunming 48000 (8000 USD), 58000 (9600 USD);
  • Nanning: 58600 (9766 USD)

A pu erh of this kind of quality is only affordable for the elite in China, but luckily there are still excellent pu erhs for a price that most of us can afford.

Teatea’s Classic ‘Dragon Seal’ Pu’erh Cake Price Collapses 20-30% from 6500 USD High

Major tea collectors in China are showing decreasing interest in investing in the luxury line of Teatea pu’erh tea. Industry leaders believe this is a good thing; too much price increases due to investments only hurt the brand in the long run. Thus this development is seen positively by experts and they believe that this is also beneficial to consumers who buy pu’erh tea for consumption rather than collection.

Recently, the big benefits of “Dragon Seal”, “Snake Cake” and other classic products dropped in prices. The ‘colapse theory’ that is currently circling in the tea industry explains that the collapse started by an authority tea microblogger who forwarded the rumor to his tea enthusiasts circle of friends, who in turn forwarded this to their circles. Most pu’erh tea experts believe that the current round of decline is not surprising: “20%-30% decrease is not too big from a 40.000 RMB (6500 USD) per cake height.”

The Chocolate Pu Erh Tea Bar

The Chocolate Pu Erh Tea Bar

Pu-erh tea  is one powerful tea. It is made from the leaves and stems of the Camellia sinensis plant like Green, Oolong, and Black tea, but it is instead post- fermented. This means Pu-erh tea’s processing includes both fermentation and then prolonged storage, or  aging under high humidity. Pu-erh tea that is aged for a longer period of time is supposed to taste better.Pu-erh tea is produced mainly in the Yunnan district in the southwestern part of China. It has also gained popularity in Taiwan. The tea is typically  is used for improving mental alertness and sharp thinking. It is also used for reducing high cholesterol.

Teasenz is now selling Pu Erh tea in the form of the Chocolate Pu Erh Tea Bar. It is made of premium 2008 Yunnan puerh tea  compressed in a  chocolate bar-shaped tea brick. It has a rich, full-bodied flavor with hints of chocolate and malt as a due to its many years ripening.It is a great digestive and slimming tea for lunch and dinner.  This  tea  bar consists of 16 portions of which each portion is good for at least 5 tea pots of tea.

Whether to indulge in the wonderfully rich treat, or to help your cholesterol – the Chocolate Pu Erh Tea Bar is the golden ticket.

The Perfect Pu Erh Tea Wrapping Paper from Yunnan – Thanks to Yimei & Yaoyao

A few months ago the Teasenz team decided to develop their own Pu Erh tea in the shape of a chocolate bar. Many things happened along the way, and a story that is worth sharing is that we met wonderful people that contributed to our great product. This blog is dedicated to Yimei and her daughter Yaoyao from the Dai minority group, who have provided us with their excellent eco-friendly Pu Erh tea wrapping paper.

pu er tea wrapping packing paper
Pu Erh tea wrapping paper expert – Yimei

The Pu Erh tea paper material is extracted from mulberry trees of which the bark is composed of very strong fibers that can be used for making high-quality paper. Yimei and her daughter Yaoyao fully made the Pu Erh tea packing paper by hand. The Pu Erh tea paper has not been bleached and no artificial additives have been used, resulting in 100% natural wrapping material.

paper mulberry tree for pu erh tea paper
paper mulberry tree for pu erh tea paper

So how did Yimei & Yaoyao made this paper? This is their answer:

Every July and August raw materials are peeled from the paper mulberry tree bark with a knife. The strips are then dried in the sun and then cooked for 10 hours in a pan.

Afterwards the strips are soaked and washed in river water to completely soften the tissue and wash any ash smell away from the cooking process. See image below:

wash mulberry tree bark strips for puer packaging
Washing mulberry tree strips from the tree bark.

Right after that the softened stripes are chopped into pulp and poured on a stone bed to flatten it by hand.

Flatten and dry pu er tea paper
Flatten and dry pu er tea paper

At last, the paper is dried in the sun to make it strong and ready to use Pu Erh packaging paper!

Chocolate Puerh Tea Bar with Attractive Design – Teasenz is Looking for Resellers

Teasenz is soon going to launch a new Puerh tea that will come in a chocolate bar shape, see below for a preview:
pu erh tea chocolate bar

Many resellers have already applied for the first batch that is currently under production and it’s expected to be ready beginning July. Interested resellers are welcome to send an email to info@teasenz.com.

Below we summarize the main questions that many interested buyers have asked:

When is Teasenz ready to deliver the Puerh tea chocolate bars?
Our processing company in Yunnan plans to finalize the processing end of June. We expect to be able to deliver beginning July.

Is there real chocolate in this Puerh tea?
No, the word ‘chocolate’ in the product name refers to the shape in which it is pressed. We use 100% Puerh tea leaves from 2008, selected by ourselves after tasting more than 30 samples from different suppliers. The leaves are considered ‘gift grade’ in China and have a very accessible taste for beginning Puerh tea drinkers.

What will be the price of the Puerh tea bar?
Official pricing table will be released soon, but we will keep it very affordable, since we are planning only to sell this product as wholesale.

puerh tea chocolate bar tea brick

What are the health benefits of Puerh tea?
We believe it’s the perfect digestive tea to increase metabolism and lose weight.

How will the packaging look like and what material is it made off?
We are currently in the process of finalizing our packaging design. The packaging will be made from eco-friendly kraft paper. We use the natural wood color of the kraft paper, because we believe its natural look really represents Puerh tea. It will also be more environmental friendly because we don’t have to add colors or bleach the kraft paper. At last, paper is light, which will significantly lower the cost of shipping.

At what temperature should I steep the chocolate tea bar?
Always steep Puerh tea at 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I still apply to become a reseller?
Definitely, just send us an email to info@teasenz.com and let us know about your company details.

Thank you
We would like to thank all the interested customers who have significantly contributed by providing valuable suggestions regarding packaging, product design, and pricing. You have any ideas to share? Don’t wait and leave a comment!