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Teatea’s Classic ‘Dragon Seal’ Pu’erh Cake Price Collapses 20-30% from 6500 USD High

Major tea collectors in China are showing decreasing interest in investing in the luxury line of Teatea pu’erh tea. Industry leaders believe this is a good thing; too much price increases due to investments only hurt the brand in the long run. Thus this development is seen positively by experts and they believe that this is also beneficial to consumers who buy pu’erh tea for consumption rather than collection.

Recently, the big benefits of “Dragon Seal”, “Snake Cake” and other classic products dropped in prices. The ‘colapse theory’ that is currently circling in the tea industry explains that the collapse started by an authority tea microblogger who forwarded the rumor to his tea enthusiasts circle of friends, who in turn forwarded this to their circles. Most pu’erh tea experts believe that the current round of decline is not surprising: “20%-30% decrease is not too big from a 40.000 RMB (6500 USD) per cake height.”

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