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Sri Lanka Tea Production has Increased this Year

Sri Lanka Tea Production Has Increased this Year

Sri Lanka tea production has increased this year,  according to reports. Plantation company sources said that favorable weather conditions boosted tea production this year. Watawala Plantation PLC, General Manager J.W.Y.K. de Silva said that good weather helped to increase tea production this year and added that the upward trend could continue during the next couple of months. He said,

“Good agronomic practices introduced by plantation companies helped boost tea production this year. Worker productivity too has increased due to various initiatives taken by companies,”

Tea production in March this year was 32.1 mkgs, an increase of 3.2 mkgs over the corresponding month of last year which was 28.9 mkgs. Tea production in all three elevations improved over the corresponding figures of March, 2012 with High Growns showing a positive variance of 1.2 mkgs which was closely followed by Low Growns with 1.1 mkgs. The medium elevation teas have improved by 0.8 mkgs month-on-month.

De Silva said that the crop intake this year will be better compared to last year. Dry weather, if it comes, could have an adverse impact on production. Sri Lanka is one of the largest tea producers in the world and it is the second largest exporter. Kenya is the leading tea exporter in the world.

Industry experts say that the positive trend is likely to be seen in the April crop figures and is expected to continue throughout May as well, due to the favourable cropping conditions that are being experienced in all elevations.

This is great news in the world of tea production – with Sri Lanka doing well, it can only help the rest of tea business. Let’s hope there’s fair weather for all of those cuppas out there.


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