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South Korea’s 2013 Tea Imports Record Breaking

While globally the economy is still recovering from a long crisis, the tea industry has nothing to worry about. Most countries all over the world are reporting increasing tea import figures year after year and the number of tea festivals are growing.

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Today Yonhap, a Korean news agency, reports that Korean tea imports spiked in 2013, mainly due to the increasingly health conscious Korean consumer. See some impressive growth figures in the quote below:

According to the data by Korea Customs Service (KCS), South Korea imported 8,234 tons of tea last year, up 97 percent from 4,171 tons imported in 2009.

97% is massive, especially for a traditional industry as tea. Usually this kind of growth figures we only observe in highly innovative industries such as the tech industry. June last year we noticed that US tea sales rose to 32% compared to 2007. A much lower figure but still impressive.

While many corporations are cutting cost create a buffer against challenging economic times, tea corporations positive about the industry prospects and continue to invest to offer the best possible tea and customer experience.

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