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Tea Sales Are Rising In The US

Tea Sales Are Rising in the US

Whether it has been the want to separate from the British or if it just didn’t catch on, for a long time coffee has trumped tea in the United States – but as it turns out now tea sales are rising in the US. More and more people are drinking tea and  US fast food chains are taking advantage of this, said the North Eastern Tea Association quoting a Daily Mail report prepared on the basis of the reports of several American newspapers and journals.

Domestic tea sales in the US have gone up 32 per cent up since 2007, and are expected to reach $ 18 billion within the next two years. Coffee retailers s and fast food chains  are investing in more tea products in order to cash in on the newly lucrative business, the report said. Despite the US’s long love affair with coffee the Ad Age newsreport said tea may be catching up with coffee as America’s new favourite drink, according to the Daily Mail. Consumer market research by the NPD group shows that the tea industry is experiencing a moment of staggering growth.

Growing five per cent in the past year, tea is now the fourth fastest growing beverage category according to Beverage Marketing Corp, Tea’s increasing popularity means it is growing at a faster rate than coffee. While coffee consumption increased 1.9 per cent between 2003 and 2013, tea consumption by the average American increased 22.5 per cent – and is expected to rise another 3 per cent in the next five years according to IBISWorld, the report said.

Whether it is all of the heath reports coming out or people are just discovering it more – it’s great that the US is opening up to tea.  It means more tea global commerce and just more people drinking the brewed stuff and that’s something to raise a cuppa to.

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