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Prevent Heart Attacks With Tea

Prevent Heart Attacks With Tea

As it turns out it isn’t a particular type of tea that prevents heart attacks – it is the lifestyle. You can prevent heart attacks with tea – simply by being an avid drinker.

According to a new study, heart attack survivors who drink a lot of tea have a better outcome than non tea-drinkers Previous research suggests that tea has health benefits  because it contains antioxidants known as flavonoids. Researchers in the US reveal that drinking tea helps people who have already survived a heart attack.

The study looked at almost 2,000 people who had had a heart attack and asked them about their tea consumption. Those who were classified as heavy tea drinkers, consuming 14 or more cups a week, had a 44 per cent lower death rate during the next three and a half years than those who did not drink tea. Moderate tea drinking – fewer than 14 cups a week – was linked to a 28 per cent lower risk.

Flavonoids are also found in apples, onions and broccoli. They probably exert their health benefits in a number of ways. For example, they stop low density lipoprotein from oxidising – a process that otherwise sets off the formation of fatty deposits in the arteries serving the heart. Flavonoids also prevent blood clotting, and help the arteries to relax.

So heart attack or not, it is a great idea to keep drinking tea, as long as you don’t hit the caffeinated stuff too hard.  Not only for heart health but in losing weight and being healthy too.


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