Try Some Osmanthus Tea

Osmanthus is a beautiful  yellow flower grown in Southern China. Due to its sweet fragrance, it is commonly used for making Chinese tea blends or making desserts, or even being  steeped on its own. The high concentrations of antioxidants and the melanin inhibition of osmanthus may slow aging and browning of foods,  and gives many health benefits.  Some of the most desired benefits of osmanthus tea is its ability to improve the complexion of the drinker, as well as helping the body to rid itself of excess nitric oxide. It is thought in traditional Chinese medicine that removing the excess nitric oxide from the body can help reduce the risk of of cancer and diabetes. Also,  the low pollen count of these flowers makes it so that the drink  should be suitable for most drinkers, with little risk of an allergy occurring.

This Osmanthus Tea, now being sold at Teasenz, is great not only by itself, but mixed with other teas.  One  popular osmanthus tea recipe describes putting the dried flowers  into a freshly brewed hot cup of tie guan yin oolong tea. It also could be combined with Green, Blackk, or even other Herbal Teas. It might just add that sweetness that the tea needs. Not only that, these beautiful flowers make for a really beautiful drink, and potentially some beautiful dishes. In particular, it could be wonderful for making a nice iced tea – maybe mixing it with black sweet tea to add that extra sweet buttery zing to the mix.

So, try some Osmanthus Tea this summer, it’ll be a sweet, beautiful way to enjoy your tea and help your skin too.

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