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The Chocolate Pu Erh Tea Bar

The Chocolate Pu Erh Tea Bar

Pu-erh tea  is one powerful tea. It is made from the leaves and stems of the Camellia sinensis plant like Green, Oolong, and Black tea, but it is instead post- fermented. This means Pu-erh tea’s processing includes both fermentation and then prolonged storage, or  aging under high humidity. Pu-erh tea that is aged for a longer period of time is supposed to taste better.Pu-erh tea is produced mainly in the Yunnan district in the southwestern part of China. It has also gained popularity in Taiwan. The tea is typically  is used for improving mental alertness and sharp thinking. It is also used for reducing high cholesterol.

Teasenz is now selling Pu Erh tea in the form of the Chocolate Pu Erh Tea Bar. It is made of premium 2008 Yunnan puerh tea  compressed in a  chocolate bar-shaped tea brick. It has a rich, full-bodied flavor with hints of chocolate and malt as a due to its many years ripening.It is a great digestive and slimming tea for lunch and dinner.  This  tea  bar consists of 16 portions of which each portion is good for at least 5 tea pots of tea.

Whether to indulge in the wonderfully rich treat, or to help your cholesterol – the Chocolate Pu Erh Tea Bar is the golden ticket.

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