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25.000 USD: TaeTea’s Horse Year 2014 Pu Erh Tea

Chinese news agency,, reports that Taetea group announced its launch of the 2013 lunar year memmorial tea. The pu erh tea cake is called the ‘Hero Horse Tea’ as China is about to enter the year of the horse. This pu erh tea is part of the company’s ‘Tea Zodiac Series’ which is very popular among Chinese and Hong Kong pu erh collectors.

horse year 2014 pu erh tea cake taetea


The Hero Horse 100% made using traditional manual processing methods starting from the selection of raw materials. The leaves are handpicked and only the best leaves are sorted out for this tea cake. This is followed by processing using precise baking time and temperatures.

The taste is said to be slightly floral with a clear yellow bright liquor that is a recognizable feature of mengtai tea trees.

This pu erh was auctioned in different cities of China. See the list below with the auctioned price (in RMB), based on the information on

  • Guangzhou first pie 106,000 RMB (17666 USD), the second pie 150,000 RMB (25000 USD);
  • Beijing were 100,000 (16666 USD), 99,000 (16500 USD);
  • Shanghai 58888 (9800 USD) and 61,800 (10300 USD) ;
  • Xi’an 39000 (6500 USD) , 60000 (10000 USD);
  • Wuhan 39840 (6644 USD);
  • Kunming 48000 (8000 USD), 58000 (9600 USD);
  • Nanning: 58600 (9766 USD)

A pu erh of this kind of quality is only affordable for the elite in China, but luckily there are still excellent pu erhs for a price that most of us can afford.

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  • Rpbert
    February 1, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    That is crazy. No idea pu erh could go up to that price range.


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