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Tea Company is Making the World’s Largest Teabag for Cancer Research

Tea Company Makes Worlds Largest Teabag for Cancer Research

Tea is a big deal, especially with the news that  Planet Organic, an Australian tea company is making the world’s biggest tea bag for Cancer Research.  The giant bag weighs 151 kilograms and is over three meters tall. Marketing manager Brian Condon says the idea came about when he was looking at the record for the largest tea bag,

“I came across the fact that there was the world’s largest tea bag and I thought we could beat it. My colleague suggested that we do it alongside the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea to raise money for research and that was it!”

A company in Portsmouth England currently holds the record of 120 kilograms. Mr Condon is still waiting for official confirmation, but he’s confident his company’s tea bag is the world’s biggest. He says,

“The tea bag itself is a pyramid tea bag that measures 2.3 metres by 2.3 metres and contains 151 kilograms of organic green tea. It would make about 100,000 cups of tea, but we don’t have a cup big enough to make one big cup. It’s made from a silk that is used for silk tea bags; the one in the UK is made with cotton. We may look at making the biggest cup of tea next year!”

For readers in Australia, the giant tea bag will be revealed on the 23rd May from 9 – 11am in Coolum as part of the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea. Whether you’re from the down under or not, this is really interesting news about tea. People care enough about tea to make a cup of tea or rather 100,000 cups of tea to serve a really good cause. It’s definitely a reason to break out your loose leaf green tea and raise a cup to this amazing news.

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