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Salak Fruit Peel Made into Tea for Diabetes

Salak Fruit Peel Made into Tea for Diabetes

Tea has been reported more and more often to have health benefits preventing stroke and even with diabetes but not students have made a tea for a particular health purpose. The Indonesian Salak fruit peel made into tea for diabetes is now on the market. It has been reported that students of the  Agriculture Faculty of Brawijaya University of Malang in Indonesia  have developed anti-diabetic tea from the peel of tropical fruit Salak. one of the students Mhas Agoes Triambada said that,

“The idea came from our initiative to harness salak peel which contains active ingredient of cinamic acid derivative”

This affects diabetes because the  cinamic acid derivative can  stimulate the regeneration of epithelial cells and have  an important role in the healing of pancreas of the Type I diabetics.  The other active ingredient contained in the salak peel is pterostilbene, which helps lower blood sugar.

They have named their Salak peel tea “Litlak Tea”  and are selling it – it is available in flavours such as original, chocolate and vanilla.
The original flavor was intended for diabetics while the other flavour for non-diabetics.

Triambada says,

“We hope our tea can be widely consumed as healthy and tasty drink especially for diabetics,”

The students have also invited any investors to join them in improving and developing the salak peel tea business opportunity. This is great news for tea in terms of what it can do for health. Not only does tea regularly carry additional health benefits, but certain traits can be streamlined from different fruits to make tea have particular benefits. This is a great move in terms of tea as medicine and who knows how far this research could go? That is definitely something to raise a cuppa to.

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