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Chocolate Puerh Tea Bar with Attractive Design – Teasenz is Looking for Resellers

Teasenz is soon going to launch a new Puerh tea that will come in a chocolate bar shape, see below for a preview:
pu erh tea chocolate bar

Many resellers have already applied for the first batch that is currently under production and it’s expected to be ready beginning July. Interested resellers are welcome to send an email to [email protected].

Below we summarize the main questions that many interested buyers have asked:

When is Teasenz ready to deliver the Puerh tea chocolate bars?
Our processing company in Yunnan plans to finalize the processing end of June. We expect to be able to deliver beginning July.

Is there real chocolate in this Puerh tea?
No, the word ‘chocolate’ in the product name refers to the shape in which it is pressed. We use 100% Puerh tea leaves from 2008, selected by ourselves after tasting more than 30 samples from different suppliers. The leaves are considered ‘gift grade’ in China and have a very accessible taste for beginning Puerh tea drinkers.

What will be the price of the Puerh tea bar?
Official pricing table will be released soon, but we will keep it very affordable, since we are planning only to sell this product as wholesale.

puerh tea chocolate bar tea brick

What are the health benefits of Puerh tea?
We believe it’s the perfect digestive tea to increase metabolism and lose weight.

How will the packaging look like and what material is it made off?
We are currently in the process of finalizing our packaging design. The packaging will be made from eco-friendly kraft paper. We use the natural wood color of the kraft paper, because we believe its natural look really represents Puerh tea. It will also be more environmental friendly because we don’t have to add colors or bleach the kraft paper. At last, paper is light, which will significantly lower the cost of shipping.

At what temperature should I steep the chocolate tea bar?
Always steep Puerh tea at 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I still apply to become a reseller?
Definitely, just send us an email to [email protected] and let us know about your company details.

Thank you
We would like to thank all the interested customers who have significantly contributed by providing valuable suggestions regarding packaging, product design, and pricing. You have any ideas to share? Don’t wait and leave a comment!

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