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British Airways team up with Twinings to make airplane friendly tea

As seen in this article on etravel Blackboard Asia edition,  British Airways have teamed up with Twinings to create a tea that will taste as good up in the air as it does sitting in your home. British Airways serves 35 million cups of tea per year  and they commissioned the tea  to be a part of their £5 million investment in new products to enhance their customer’s experience. This special tea is a “blend of Assam, Kenyan and high grown Ceylon tea that withstands the conditions at 35,000 feet, such as the water which boils at only 89 degrees centigrade and the affect that the reduced air pressure and humidity has on flyers taste buds”. People in first class can choose from Twining’s line of whole leaf silk pyramid tea, including teas like English Breakfast or Jasmine Pearls.  Now I guess, if flying British Airways, you can have high tea, literally.

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