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Tea is still partying hard

When one thinks about having a nice tea party nowadays, it seems like the art is dead. Even searching the phrase “tea party”, brings up all sorts of politics as Republics in the US has usurped the word. But tea is still being celebrated all around in all sorts of events.

In Old Salem in North Carolina, as explained in this video

they are having an event in their museums to celebrate chocolate, coffee and tea through hands on demonstrations.

In Vacaville, California  Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center will host its annual tea from 2 to 3:30 p.m. on March 23 at the church, 350 N. Orchard Ave.,Vacaville. The public is invited. Tea, scones, tea sandwiches, sweets and a presentation on the history of tea is planned.

In Oakland, as it turns out, there is a tea house within a museum, written about in this article.

So, there are tea happenings and tea parties all around. Despite how it feels, you haven’t outgrown tea parties and neither has anyone else. There might be some events happening in your area, if you can parse through all the politics. So get out there, meet some tea fanatics and wear awesome hats while eating those little sandwiches. Drink proper tea in pretty cups and learn about the history. Tea is great alone, but even better in company.

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