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Alert the Papparaz-Tea

Have you ever wondered what tea celebrities were drinking? It’s not just coffee and juice cleanses in Hollywood – tea is all around.  In Washington, DC  Barack Obama drinks tea in the morning instead of coffee. He is frequently seen drinking tea during interviews and meetings and is also said to especially like berry flavored teas.  Robert Pattinson has been photographed drinking tea on set, Elton John enjoys tea to the point of collecting antique tea sets, and Craig Ferguson is said to be a habitual tea drinker.

Lady Gaga, in particular, is a renowned tea drinker, notable for bringing tea cups with her as accessories, saying that she prefers to drink tea from china. She has been rumored to be the face of a major tea company for almost a year. Jenifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, and Oprah are among famous people drinking Green Teas and and Herbal Tisanes for weight loss and antioxidants.

Tea drinking is even featured on the T.V. show The Mentalist by the character that Simon Baker plays, who reports that in real life he does enjoy a “good cuppa tea”. So whether you can afford to have a collection of over 100 exotic teas like Sean Parker, a co-founder of facebook and napster, or just have that one heavenly tin of tea you shell out the big bucks for, know that in terms of tea loving, you’re in good company.

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