Tea Benefits

Honeysuckle Tea

As we are starting March and as the grips of Winter seem to be loosening every day – one can’t help but think of Summer. Sunlight streaming through windows, golden heat sinking into our skin and lazy days. The idea of it – putting on summer dresses and laying in the grass, picking honey suckles and getting that little drop honey inside. The faint smell of them fills everything, carried on the cool breeze, in the fiber of our clothes – it even seems imbued into that ¬†golden light touching everything.

Honeysuckle tea  is not only delicious but has numerous health benefits. According to, Honeysuckle tea can alleviate sores and swelling of eyes and throat, can help with headaches, and is said to inhibit the bacteria that causes salmonella, strep, staph, and tuberculosis infections. So have a little taste of summer and keep yourself healthy with Honeysuckle tea. As the adage says Рyou catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Well, hopefully not flies, but maybe better health.

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