Tea Benefits

Drinking Tea linked to lowering likelihood of heart disease

As Inverurie Herald has found in a recent article, drinking tea can lower the likelihood that you will get heart disease. It was found that

 drinking moderate amounts of coffee (two to three cups a day) was better than a little or a lot. With tea, drinking more than six cups a day was linked to the lowest risk

This study assessed the effects of tea and coffee consumption on health outcomes over a 13-year period, specifically any effects on cardiovascular health.  They accounted into their studies the knowledge that high consumption of caffeine can have an adverse effect on health. The best way to prevent heart disease, drinking tea or not, is to have a healthy lifestyle. Drinking tea while doing unhealthy activities cannot help.

Caffeine and unhealthy activities aside though, it is great that tea has been linked to help prevent heart disease. So when drinking that strong cuppa tea, remember that you’re helping make a stronger heart – and that really is lovely.

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