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Green Tea Could Keep You From “Breaking Out”

Green Tea Could Keep You From “Breaking Out”

No one likes waking up to find a zit or a pimple. As it turns out, Green Tea could help with that. According to a recent study, Green Tea could keep you from “breaking out”. An extract from green tea could be an effective treatment for acne, according to a research study presented at the 6th Asian Acne Board Meeting in India.

As Australian dermatologist Dr Jo-Ann See,who is co-chair of the All About Acne information group,   says,

“No single treatment works for everyone with pimples, so dermatologists are always looking for safe and effective options. The prospect of a naturally occurring, non-toxic, affordable product such as green tea with multiple actions to attack acne is exciting. Only a few drugs target multiple acne processes.Patients reported being significantly more satisfied with their appearance after a trial, with no side effects noted, so the research is indeed promising”

This is great news. Now you can not only stay well internally with Green Tea, but externally. The green stuff could really make you beautiful, happy, and healthy inside and out. It’s one more reason to go green – at least where tea’s concerned.




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