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Green Tea Health Benefits Overview

Tea, a beverage that is consumed about 3.000.000 tons a year certainly deserved be under intensive research among academic researchers all over the world. Some people drink for the a cooling, slightly bitter, and astringent flavor that they enjoy. Others mainly drink it for the tea health benefits. Among all tea categories the health benefits of green tea has been researched the most. Teasenz has summarized and published the latest green tea health benefits research on the website. The major green tea benefits that scientist investigate are:

  1. Preventing heart diseases or also called cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Lowering high cholesterol (related to the first)
  3. Cancer prevention
  4. Skin improvement
  5. Lower risk of Parkinson disease
  6. DNA damage protection
  7. Oral health and quit smoking
  8. Fat digestion/metabolism
green tea benefits for health - tea leaf between hands

Green Tea-The Elixir of Life (

Do you feel there is a green tea benefit for health missing? Feel free to add your comments below so we can review your comment and add your mentioned benefit to our page. For an overview of other tea information provided by Teasenz, please click here.

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