Tea Benefits

Unleash Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

When you think about dragons – you think of this large, all imposing, all terrifying beast. Destruction and passion and sheer power. Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea unleashes a different kind of dragon. Jasmine as a plant releases aromas that alleviates stress and encourages relaxation and calm. Combined with the near cure-all that is Green tea, this hot beverage is unstoppable. In addition it improves appetite and digestion, reduces anxiety, and improves skin.

When you pour the warm water over this tea and the Jasmine unfurls, it unleashes something really great. It can be described, when drunk, as sweet and almost sugary. It lets out that sweet beautiful jasmine smell when brewed. There is a soft, airy, and delicate feel to the tea. It is a definite must try for the uninitiated.

The dragon that this tea unleashes is one of cool calm. The omniscient all knowing being, glowing dimly with shining scales and dark eyes, guarding and half slumbering from its keep. You can let the warm serenity of the tea bring you into a calm bliss, as it helps your health.

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