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Woman Uses Her Right To Bear Tea

powteaTea drinking has gotten more awesome these days. From selling mugs and tea pots with grips like a gun, mugs that change color and design according to heat, a mug where the handle is brass knuckles, to big figures like Barack Obama and Celebrities like Lady Gaga drinking the stuff constantly – tea has become pretty epic. Tea is not to be messed with, especially with the recent news that a woman fought off a mugger with her cup of tea.

In Pennsylvania on March 7th, a woman, leaving the Wawa,  was  approached by a man who demanded  her wallet. The woman refuses  to give her wallet to him and is trying to get away.  To defend herself, she tossed her hot tea in his face and alerted another citizen, who in turn called the police, and the man was apprehended. The man was charged with robbery and related offenses.

This is pretty amazing. To use hot tea to evade getting robbed from, getting hurt or killed? Think of the superhero spin offs – Madame Potts and her side-kick Tea Bag-ster, fighting crime with the power of a hot cup of tea.

Well probably not, but a girl can dream. Though it does show that tea can really help do a lot of things. It’s not just helping out around the house, or doing cool art projects – you can protect yourself and others. So tea warriors, feel awesome with that cup of tea in your hand, you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

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