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Tea Infused Hot Chocolate Recipe

Walking into the tea section of your grocery store, your neighborhood tea shop, or even shopping for tea online – it hard not to see the trend of chocolate being included in various teas. Even so, the chocolate is only a component of the flavors, brewing and steeping together (after all chocolate chunks are not leaves) – if you want to chocolate-ify your hot beverage, you can go the opposite way. You can put tea in your hot chocolate.

To make this twisted hot beverage:

  • Bring 2 to 5 cups of milk to a low boil in a saucepan over medium-high.
  • Add three bags or three teaspoons of tea, of your choice, and turn the heat down to medium low, allowing the tea to steep for 10 minutes.
  • Then strain it or remove the tea bags. Then whisk in 10 teaspoons of hot cocoa mix until dissolved and frothy.

This serves two people – you can pour it into two little tea cups, and top with marshmallows if you have them.

Just think of all of the possibilities of this drink – mixing orange pekoe, chai, vanilla tea, earl grey, black, oolong, even fruits and some herbal teas – the flavor combinations are endless.

You can even mix in one of those blends with chocolate in it for double the power. We knew chocolate and espresso tasted good together, now we know tea does the same thing, strike that a better thing.

I bet it could even work with those packets of instant cocoa Рmaybe just putting it into brewed tea and adding milk.  So if you want that the calm and clarity of tea and the bundled up lusciousness of hot chocolate Рthis is the perfect thing to try, with it still a little cold outside.

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